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IMG_3283Chase Helzer is currently a Senior attending the University of Alabama. Helzer is double majoring in U.S. History and Political Science. He is a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa Omicron Deutron Chapter on the Alabama campus.

He was born and raised in Tracy, California about one hour south of Sacramento. Helzer attended Tracy High School and graduated in June 2007. Before transferring to UA, he attended Las Positas College in Livermore. California.

He currently resides at the Retreat on Lake Tamaha in beautiful Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

17 responses to “About Author

  1. Roll tide roll

  2. Jenny and Macie

    Hey Chase have a great first day of school! Have FUN!

  3. Should I start calling you “Senator” now, or wait for the election?

  4. Chase have a great weekend and don’t forget to eat your vegies.

  5. Chasers, I had to drop you a line because I’m watching our favorite TV show, “California’s Gold” with our friend Huell Howser. He is such a phenomenally intelligent and charismatic man and the best host in the history of hosting anything. If Stephen Hawking and Huell Howser had an intelligence competition, I’m sure Huell would win. Really. Hi from all of us!

  6. I like your room but you need an Obama picture.

  7. Chase:
    You don’t know me but I found your blog while looking for the Rama Jama Restaurant in Tuscaloosa. Don’t ask me, it’s called Google.
    Since you are a student on campus and are new to the area….have you discovered Rama Jama and have you been? If you have eaten there what was your opinion? I’ve been to the campus but not to the restaurant. Thanks to Todd’s Taste of the Town my interest has been peaked.
    Thanks for your time and good luck in school.
    Oh and welcome to the South!

  8. Parks Commissioner Tries To Quit But Resignation Rejected

    TRACY – Today, 19-year veteran Parks Commissioner Rick Helzer attempted to turn in his resignation but, according to City officials who chose to remain anonymous, the secretary refused to accept his decision, stating, “It just won’t be any fun without him and his son is the only audience we’ve ever had.” Rumors have been circulating that Rick may be quitting because, due to recent City budget cuts, there will no longer be free water and old donuts served at the meetings. Sources tell us that Rick will also be resigning from the fact that he will ever see a swim center or a sports complex in his lifetime. Buchanan was unavailable for comment at press time. (-;

  9. Kalani Schreiner

    Hey Chase, I need you to help me build a big set at the Grand Theater! When can you be here?
    I am so happy to have run into your dad today, he told me how you were doing and he is so proud of you as I am!
    It is hard to believe that you have been in College for three years. I plan to follow your blog if you don’t mind, and I also heard that you are going to Spring Break. I think maybe I will tape the specials and maybe I can get a look at how much fun you guys are having there!
    Take care Chase and know that we are all very proud of you. Aloha from the Kahunacop

  10. Hey Chase, Love your pics! You really got some good ones. It was really great to meet you, hope we all get together again soon. Good luck in school.


    Jill Darnell
    A.K.A. Made of Honor

  11. Aurelio Macias

    Hey squirt I just saw your Mom and Dad they turned me on to your blog while in Fresno at my wedding sorry I could’nt fit you and the other stooges in, money was tight. But I sent your pops home with some giants tickets, I wonder if he mentioned them? You take care of yourself. I’m glad to see your leaving a your mark in this world. Marc and Britt miss you.
    Go get em’ buddy!!

  12. Hey Chump!! Stopping by to check out the updates.

  13. Go find some homework and DO IT!!!!

  14. Roll Tide! Never did care much for lsu.

    Oh, and slap your daddy for me!

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